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Jul 2015 cavery Jason was a great communicator and porch bombed me with extra cans, a bomber, in addition to the 3 TH growlers he filled from the Brew Cafe. He’s a great way to get some Tired Hands goodness!
Jan 2015 mbgrayson Jason is a strong trader. He delivered the beer well protected, and exactly as promised. His extras were high quality too. Also, he communicated well, and let me know exactly when he shipped and he sent a FedEx tracking #. Thumbs up! Jason gets my recommendation.... Mike mbgrayson
Apr 2014 lm908 Awesome trade with jason, easy and quick and he surprised me with a bomber of nuget necktar as an extra which was a nice plus. Great trade hope to do it again in the future.
Nov 2013 pantanap Easy trade for some tired hand growlers....bonused one as well. Quick to ship. Would trade again.
Nov 2013 deyholla Are you kidding me... Jason agrees to a trade to send me 2 growlers for some Okie beers. Much to my surprise, there is 3 growlers of Tired Hands plus a few extras! What a classy guy!
Sep 2013 ygtbsm94 Wonderful trade put together with Jason! He sent a couple growlers from Tired Hands. Prompt shipping, great communication, and a very well packed box! Thanks Jason for the wonderful growlers and hope to do it again in the future. “Beer is Good Food”
Aug 2013 deyholla Easy trade with Jason. Offered to ship first and sent two growlers of Tired Hands promptly and they made it safely. Hope to send these growlers back for more! Thanks!
Aug 2013 dbyron17 Fantastic trader. Pretty sure this was Jason’s first trade, and he knocked it out of the park - super punctual, great extras, very attentive to messages, and he successfully packed and shipped two growlers without any leak or carbonation issues. Excellent trader with whom I would be happy to trade again.