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May 2012 jercraigs Small trade of a limited Propellor release. Great trade as always.
Mar 2010 DuffMan My box of goodies arrived from Halifax in perfect shape, expertly packed, and on time! Bobby sent Garrison Ol’ Fog Burner, Black IPA, Octoberfest, Winter Warmer, and Baltic Porter. From Sea Level there was a Hoppy Holidays and an ESB, and as a bonus from Gahan House in PEI I received an Island Red Ale. Awesome trade, awesome trader! Hope to do it again sometime!
Jul 2009 coldbrewky A stealthy trade in Halifax yeilded me a box of goodies full of the following. 4 bottles of Garrison: Imperial IPA Unfiltered, Sugar Moon Maple, Hop Yard Pale, and an Old Fog Burner Barleywine. In addition a Propellor IPA and a Pumphouse SOB (special old bitter) were included. Thanks Bob!
May 2009 beernbourbon Wonderful box of Canadian delights from Bobby for NCAA bracket beer. He sent: Sea Level blue heron ESB, Garrison grand baltic porter, Garrison ’ol fog burner, Garrison Imp Pale, Propeller IPA, and Propeller Revolution RIS. Well packaged and shipped quickly, thanks Bobby!
Apr 2009 jercraigs Assortment of Garrison and Propellor special releases from out east. Great trade, as per usual.
Apr 2008 jercraigs Great shipment, thanks again for putting this together!!! 1 Prop Pilsener, 3 Prop RIS, 3 Garrison Black Lager , 1 Picaroons Dark and Stormy, 2 Garrison Winter Weizenbock, 1 Keith’s Traditional Lager, 1 Flemish Sour "Bock" Homebrew
Dec 2007 CapFlu C2C4C=Sea to Sea for Cider. Great 12 bottle trade with OKBeer for Jost Vineyards Pomme Glace; Grand Pré Pomme dOr; Tideview Vintage Cider Heritage Semi-Dry; Tideview Vintage Cider Heritage Dry; Tideview Vintage Cider Golden Russet Dry; Tideview Vintage Sparkling Ice Cider; Stutz Hard Apple Cider; Elderkin’s Hard Cider; Scrumpy Jacks; Winegarden Estates Dry Adam; Propeller Revolution; and Garrison
Dec 2007 jercraigs Assortment of Garrison, Tideview ciders and an extra special Alpine Max for good measure. Very well packed, great communication. Recommended.
Jun 2007 Thaichile Bobby sent me my 3 Garrison Jalapeno Ales as well as a Propeller Imperial Russian Stout in response to my small trade request. Can’t wait to taste the heat. Good communication. Thanks Bobby.
May 2007 JoeMcPhee Got a well packaged box sent to my sister’s place in Toronto while I was in town. Two bottles of Propellor Revolution Imperial Stout and a bottle of Jost Pomme Glace Ice Cider. A pleasure trading with Bobby.

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