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Feb 2017 Saeglopur Zeev contacted me, so we made a trade with focus on local beers. He tried hard to hit my tastes and sent me a very nice selection of interesting Israeli beers, plus two new country ticks. Friendly communication and most of all super fast shipping and bomb proof packaging! Overall highly recommended, many thanks! :-)
Feb 2017 Rotin IP trade in Jerusalem. Zeev brought us great selection of best Israeli beers, some hard to get peaces, some extra beer. He was very helpful during our visit to Israel. Great guy. Many thanks again!
Sep 2015 jinroh Zeev sent me a super nice selection of Israeli craft beers this summer - went from having 0 ticks from Israel to 11 and will soon add that last one also. Great beers and great communication, thanks! Let’s do it again sometime.
Jul 2015 mmahut Awesome trader, even with a lot of work I’ve had at school he had passion with my slow communication. Great beers and good package.
May 2015 kappldav123 Received a great package from Zeev with a lot of goodies from Israel. Cant wait to try them. Great packaging and great communication. Zeev is a great trader!
Mar 2015 fombe89 My first trade with Zeev. He sent me a great box of israelite beers. Easy and to the point communication made this a very smooth trade. Thanks very much!.