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Jan 2022 BlackHaddock Tanner kindly contacted me when he saw I needed only four states to complete my US regional mission. We exchanged details and when I got to California we sent each other a decent package of beers, I am now the proud rater of every state (or will be when I get to drink them). <*))))))><
Nov 2021 explosivedog Received a well packed box of excellent beers, including my much needed final state tick. Would definitely trade again.
Jul 2021 mansquito Had another great trade with Rennat42. In exchange for an imperial porter-heavy East Coast box he sent me a whole slew of NE micros, including many from breweries that I had not had. Communication and packaging was great as always.
May 2021 JStax We have done a few trades over the years, the most recent being last summer in person. Always good to work with and great communication.
Mar 2021 nimbleprop Quick trade and easy trade. Tanner has some NE beers he wanted to swap and we agreed on a mix of cellar items and locals that left us both very satisfied. I hope to run this back with Tanner in the upcoming months.
Mar 2021 ozzy70 Tanner is always an easy trade partner to have. Recent in person trade was again above and beyond on his side. Big box of different styles, states/regions and breweries new to me including a Kvass from Canada, ticks from Arkansas, Virginia and Japan and a big, big want Zombie Dust. As always a very generous trader. Fun and chill guy to have some beers with.
Jun 2019 jonas Tanner went out of his way to haul a Surly Darkness and a whole lot of US State ticks SinH4 and were missing over to Munich - thank you so much! Spent a very pleasant beery evening together, hope we run into each other again!
Jun 2019 SinH4 We did an in person trade when Tanner visited Munich. Got a great selection of state ticks that are very hard to get for me, as well as very generous extras. Spent a fun evening touring through the Munich bars on the side. Recommended!
Apr 2019 mansquito Tanner and I discussed for a while what we would trade and came up with getting interesting wants on each side. Everything came as was promised and the packaging was good. Tanner sent two state ticks plus a bunch of mostly NE ticks (which are all hard for me to get). Would trade again.
Apr 2019 ozzy70 In person trade with Tanner after having a few together in Omaha. Tanner always surprises me with his generosity. He unbelievably gave me my last five states to rate! And he lives in the middle of Nebraska folks, so he had to trade with someone else just to get them to give to me. A great guy to have a beer with and a very generous and thoughtful person and trader.

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