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Apr 2010 tyler_mn My RR hookup comes through again with a beautiful bottle of Batch 4 Temptation. Thanks buddy!
Apr 2010 juiceisloose Mark sent me 2 bottle of the latest RR Supplication and a Pliny the Elder for a growler of Jai Alai and some other ipa’s. Everything was packed nice and snug in the box that I sent to him. If you are looking for Russian River, Mark is your man.
Feb 2010 Hopsleeroy Made a deal for Sexual Chocolate + Founder IS for Supplication X 2. Not too much back and forth-easy deal to make. Box arrived safe and sound in a wine shipper. I’d trade with Mark again.
Dec 2009 BelgianBeerGal Quick and easy trade I got a fresh Pliny the Elder and a Consecration. Thanks again and look forward to more!
May 2009 tyler_mn Slick as snot, Mark sends me a RR Consecration! Thanks dude!
Mar 2009 riversideAK A quick and easy trade with Taverner ended up with him sending me a Russian River Batch 23/46, and two nice extras a Drakes 1500 and Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale. Everything came in a three bottle styro shipper, communication was great, and shipping was prompt. Thanks!
Feb 2009 MatSciGuy Taverner sent me a couple legendary beers - Pliny the Younger and Consecration, without any hesitation. He didn’t even know what he wanted me to send him! Round #2 with Mark and hopefully not the last.
Feb 2009 Beerlando Mark answered my call for a growler of Pliny The Younger, and he delivered it FAST. I cracked that sucker open the night it arrived. Great trader...thanks a ton Mark.
Jan 2009 MatSciGuy Mark sent me all the agreed upon, hopped up beers, and threw in an awesome assortment of additional west coast hoppy goodness. I love my IPA’s, so this was a real treat to open up. A very generous guy - I would highly recommend trading with Mark!
Oct 2008 valpoaj Mark was looking for some New Glarus goods and offered up some Russian River in return...when he mentioned he could get some goods from Valley Brew, I immediately asked about some Uberhoppy, and a growler happily made it to the midwest...along with RR Beatification (batch 2) and Temptation...bonused a can of 21 Amendment Brew Free or Die...thanks Mark!

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