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Jul 2010 phaleslu Jeff sent the ’95 SA Triple Bock I was looking for, and threw in some Chama River and Marble stuff and a SKA Modus Hoperandi. He was nice enough to do a trade with me when I totally forced the issue, communicated well, and packed like a champ. Thanks again, Jeff- I’m pumped to try these NM beers.
Aug 2007 hopscotch Two "gift" beers were shipped from Albuquerque (my birthplace) to Vero Beach (my chosenplace). I received a bomber of Chama River’s new, bottle-conditioned, version of Chama River Demolition Dubbel and a twelve ounce bottle of their brand-spankin’ new Dr. Hop Good. Thanks a million, Jeff! I really look forward to drinking the Hop Good and sharing the Dubbel with the boys up in O-Town!
Apr 2007 Saarlander Jeff sent me three unexpected home brews, Death by Horse Imp Stout, Saison D’hommel, and a Mango Saison, Can’t wait to try them All! Thanks Jeff!
Jan 2007 SoLan Jeff sent me a box full of assorted homebrew. One bottle each: American Golden Ale, 3 Nipple Tripel, Hoptimus Prime, El Jefe IPA. Two bottles of The Quad. Box included a stat sheet that stated ABV, IBUs, and force CO2 or bottle conditioned. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks Jeff!
Dec 2006 SpringsLicker Jeff sent a bottle of his Fievre D’abricot, and Saison d’ hommel. I think the Fievre D’abricot was one of the best beers I’ve had in months. The Siason d’ Hommel was eaily as solid a Saison as a Dupont. Both were absolutely tradeable for the best commercial beers, or better homebrews. I want to be the first guy through the door when his brewpub opens!
Aug 2006 Saarlander I was the first to beermail Jeff, and recieved his Saison, USPS handled it rough, and it leaked about 1/3 of the bottle, but I drank it early to enjoy it at the best state I could, which was very nice, great beer! Enjoy Ross! A great brew, enjoyed it alot, can’t wait to try Jeff’s beers! Thanks Jeff!
Aug 2006 ross Jeff sent me a free bottle of home brew because I was the second reply to his thread about it. Packed great, looks interesting. Letting it settle for a few days and I will drink and then update on the beer. Thanks!
Feb 2005 BuckNaked Homebrew trade: Jeff shipped his Death by Horse Impy stout, and Peste Noir as promised, then threw in his Simcoe IPA and a Turtle Mountain Impy Stout - hand bottled from the growler! - as extras. Excellent job on his first trade.