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Nov 2015 Art Matt shipped to me in a BIF. Quick to ship, even after a family emergency. Everything arrived safe and sound. His extra was thoughtful as well.
May 2014 barak316 Matt agreed to trade a bottle of Huna. He had an unexpected family emergency and had to delay the trade. He took longer than expected and I grew weary of this trade actually happening. However Matt did come through with the trade and in a big way(tons of Crooked Stave extras). I highly recommend him as a trader.
Apr 2014 RCL Clearly, Matt has misinterpreted the spirit of Christmas Krampus, as he sent me a box with just a little plonk and a whole bunch of really rad extras. Greatly appreciated!
Apr 2014 wchesser Quick little IP trade for some limited Denver locals I missed out on. Great communication and delivery to my doorstep while I was busy with the kids.
Mar 2014 GreatDane1632 Won a box of Choice Colorado beers from Free Beer Week 2014. The shipment arrived quickly, and the dealings were smooth. Would recommend to anyone.
Mar 2014 beerbaaron Sent a super collection of Colorado beers through his free beer week contest. Packed up sturdy. Thanks again!
Jan 2014 reggiedunlop awesome trade from Matt! hooked me up with a PB beer from Renegade when others said it wasnt available. big old growler and expertly packed!
Dec 2013 BlowOffTube Great trade with Matt. Great packaging and his extras out-did the actual agreed upon traded brews. Awesome.
Nov 2013 OKBeerFan Just finished a trade with Matt. Everything was packaged great and he threw in some nice extras. Good communication throughout the trade. Look forward to trading again. Cheers!
Oct 2013 Sparky Happy to be Matt’s first trade on Ratebeer. Matt sent the agreed upon beers and threw in 2 nice extras straight from my wants list! Thanks again Matt!