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Old hoppy beers are a pet peeve of mine, perhaps my biggest in the realm of beer. If youíre going to send me anything hoppy, please make sure it is in fact a fresh bottle. Unrated hoppy beers as well--if itís old, I donít really want it and will usually end up dumping it, so itís a waste on both ends. Also, I have a backlog of >1000 beers, so I may have had it anyway. Old = greater than a couple months. Yes Iím grumpy :-)

Favorite Style: Czech Pilsner (Světlż)
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Great Dane Pub & Brewery, MadisonNebraska Brewing Company, PapillionNew Glarus Brewing Company, New GlarusOíso Brewing Company, PloverOíso Brewing Company, PloverPizza Port (Carlsbad), CarlsbadRussian River Brewing, Santa RosaSurly Brewing Company, MinneapolisUpstream Brewing Company, Omaha