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Feb 2011 ogivlado Seventh trade between Jacob and me, and this was the far most interesting by means of what this package has gone through. It took exactly 60 days for package to arrive. For first month it was wandering through Europe somewhere between Denmark and Croatia, and then, thanks to stupidity and laziness of Croatian post, it was in their warehouse for next 30 days. But no matter, 11 Faroese beers (5
May 2010 ogivlado One more trade with Jacob who sent me, this time, lots of Föroya Bjór beers plus few random European beers. There was also Hillsburg Regular from Saudi Arabia and Amager Barrel Aged Imperial Stout as a surprise. Thx again!!!
Jun 2009 ogivlado This was our fifth successful trade. Mainly Danish and Belgian beers plus Kirin The Gold and Föroya Bjór Green Islands Special. Looking forward to future trades!
Oct 2008 yngwie Once again Jacob hooked me up with a bunch of beers from Faroe Islands and Denmark. A face-to-face trade. Cheers Jacob!
Oct 2008 oh6gdx Faroeviking turned up at the hotel with some Danish stuff as well as a few beers from the Faroe Islands. We had thought of this trade for a while, but busy times and me going to EBF2008 helped out to decide to make this trade in person. Thanks!
Mar 2008 yngwie Jacob got me a selection of beers from Denmark, Faeroe Islands and Belgium. All as agreed upon. Thx Jacob!
Nov 2007 Christian Two local beers exchanged with two other locals.
Sep 2007 Christian Traded some rare Danish beers for other rare Danish beers. Thanks Jacob!
Sep 2007 thewolf Exchanged in person on a bustling Nørrebro Station. Three Maribo (?)... hehe (Jakob got Fuglsang the other way). A rare Braunstein and an even rarer Du Bocq. Nice! Thanks Jakob.
Sep 2007 ogivlado Mainly cans from Denmark (Wiibroe, Harboe and Royal) plus three bottles; one from Denmark (Thisted Forsøgsbryg Nr. 23b), one from USA (Samuel Adams Pale Ale) and one from Vietnam (Saigon Export). Thanks, Jacob!

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