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Aug 2009 auerbrau The beer train has arrived. Wow. Andy sent most of California, including: AleSmith Decadence 2008, Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze, Lost Abbey Carnevale 2009, Pizza Port Hot Rocks Lager, Pizza Port Panzer Imperial Pils, Russian River Damnation Batch 23, along with four homebrews, a bottle of estate olive oil, and a jar of his homemade fig jam. Could you ask for a better trade?
Jul 2009 oteyj I’m simply blown away at Andy’s generosity! We traded Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque plus Westmalle Dubbel, DFH Indian Brown, and three locals for a RR Consecration. Upon opening my package I found that Andy bonused LA Red Poppy, Cuvee de Tomme, Pliny the Elder, FW Union Jack, and a Bruery Trade Winds Tripel. Thanks again Andy, I could not ask for better.
Sep 2008 auerbrau Andy delivered to me, my greatest beer desire, 2 Isabelle Proximus. I am forever indebted to him. He also included two homebrews (currently chilling), a Pizza Port Moonlit Session Lager, a RR Pliny the Elder, and a RR Blind Pig IPA. Amazing.
Apr 2008 auerbrau A really well-packed, indestructible sytro box contained the following: AleSmith Decadence 2007, Lost Abbey Carnevale, Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi, Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale, Russian River Supplication, Russian River Temptation, Russian River Beatification, 1809 Berliner Weisse, Fish Tale Old Woody, and 5 amazing-looking homebrews! Wow! This is a real treat. Thanks so much Andy!
Apr 2008 Stine Andy and I had been talking about this trade for a while. 1 each of Angel’s Share, Red Poppy, Serpent’s Stout, Moonlit Lager, and Sharkbite, plus three awesome extras of Alesmith Decadence 2007, Drakes Pilsner and IPA in a dutiful styro shipper. Hope to have more trades in the future with this fine individual. Thanks so much, Andy!!!
Jan 2008 valpoaj Andy sent a box of gems, all nicely packed in a styro shipper. Included were Stone RIS, SN Bigfoot (’06), Victory Old Horizontal, Port Santa’s Little Helper, GF W Coast IPA, Alesmith Speedway St and Decadence ’06, HOTD Fred, Adam and Doggie Claws, and LA Gift of the Magi & Angel’s Share. Absolutely incredible and a really nice guy to deal with - Thanks!
Jan 2008 auerbrau Andy sent along some more goodness. The packaging was above excellence and just a great box. Included were: LA Gift of the Magi, AleSmith Weizenbock (holy crap!), AleSmith BA Wee Heavy (double holy crap!), two awesome homebrews, the missing batch (6811) of Bells Expedition Stout for my 10year vertical, and a neat Berliner Weisse. Thanks again Andy!
Oct 2007 ogglethorp Andy sent a great package of Port Brewing goodies. The agreed upon PP Santa’s Little Helper, Swami’s IPA, Hop-15, along with rockin’ wantlist bonus beers of 10 Comandments and Drakes Imp Stout!! Huge thanks for the sweet trade!!
Sep 2007 BrianK Andy sent me the agreed upon Old Boardhead, santas little helper, older viscosity, decadence 2006, and drakes barrel aged olde ale. he threw in a drakes imperial stout as a freebie. Thanks. Excellent packaging too.
Sep 2007 Cletus In a quick trade, Andy hooked me up with JP’s stout and Adam and bonused a 10 Commandments. Ultra fast and shipped in a styro. Trade with this guy!

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