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Oct 2006 HogTownHarry I hooked Alain up with some good Belgians and US stouts, he fed my ever-growing NEED for Québec beers - Unibroue Don de Dieu, Quelque Chose, La Terrible; a Corne de Brume, the new St. Ambroise Vintage Ale 2006, several new PQ micros including three of the new Au Maître Brasseur beers - I’m very happy and I hope he is too - good trader and a true beer enthusiast - merci bien, Alain!
Jun 2006 richlikebeer Alain waited for me on a street corner in montreal outside the Mondial so we could make a nice little hand off trade...He hooked me up with a 375 of La Face Cache de Pomme Frimas and one of Neige, plus a 750 of Unibroue Terrible. Pleasure meeting yet another great RB’er from north of the border.
Apr 2006 HogTownHarry I sent a nice care package to Québec for MrAlain’s first trade - Arrogant Bastard, DFH 90-minute, several Belgian Abbeys - I got an excellent mixed-six of Québec micros (2 Corne de Brumes!). Once we worked out which beers were coming my way, all was easy, even over the long weekend - excellent safe packaging too. He’s a fine trader - thanks, man!