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Jan 2009 StFun Fantastic trade with Jamie; she hooked me up with a 3 yr vertical of Abyss and a Pliny, then threw in some nice extras: Broken Halo, a bomber of Red Hook, and a Red Hook glass. Everything was packaged great and she kept me updated the entire time. Very happy with everything, thanks!
Dec 2008 JJClark Jamie sent me the agreed upon 2 Cherry Adam from the Wood and then rounded it out with a Doggie Claws, Fred from the Wood, Ruth, and then topped it all off with a Deschutes Jubelale. Everything was exceptionally well packed and shipped quickly. Awesome brews from an awesome trader.Thanks again Jamie. Always a pleasure.
May 2007 Puddintane Jamie was kind enough to send me a HotD Fred, 2002(retired!!!),2005,2006 Doggie Claws, a Deschutes Hop Henge IIPA, a Midnight Sun Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter, and a Midnight Sun/Pelican Conspiracy, followed by a batch 7000!!! All were packed nice and tight inside some fedex envelopes and garbage bags. Perfect trade and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!!!!
Feb 2007 zathrus13 A nice box from the PNW....very well packed and loaded with goodies. I got the agreed upon four Abyss’. Extras included a Hop Henge and a Beer Town Brown. A quick and easy trade. I hope we can trade again.
Jan 2007 Puddintane I was/am excited about this one....5 yes I said 5 Deschutes The Abyss, which would have made me more than happy but then the additionals of Alameda Black Bear XX Stout, Oregon Trail Bourbon Barrel Porter, and last but certainly not least one 05 and one 06 Full Sail Old Boardhead Barleywine. All were packed perfectly in a stryo shipper and a great turnaround. Terrific Trader!!!!
Oct 2006 JJClark Jamie sent me the agreed upon 06 DL and HotD Fred from the Wood and Doggie Claws and then threw in an additional pint of HotD Blue Dot and a 12 oz Dick’s Double Diamond winterale. Great communication and good packaging. Thanks again Jamie for the great beers! Highly recommended!
Aug 2006 nolankowal Jaime hooked me up with a bundle of brews, a ton of Hair of the Dog(rose, ruth, rose cassis, bluedot, adam), a Hawks DM Impy Stout, Bear Republic Impy Stout, and a few New Belgiums(frambozen and 1554 Black Ale. Then she proceeded to add in endless extras: Alameda Balck Bear Stout, LC Indica, some Deshutes brews(Stout and Twilight), Bridgeport Supris and Blue Heron. Whew! That’s a lot of brews
Jul 2006 TAR Jamie went above and beyond in fulfilling my request for some of the remaining stash of Hawk’s Imperial Stout and Sweet Amber Ale. I asked if she could try to locate some bottles that were still in the case/kept in a dark place, and, sure enough, she sends 6 bottles with merely a few fingerprints on the pristine bottles. Jamie is a beer enthusiast at heart. Thanks, sister!
Jul 2006 JahNoth Jamie styled me with 6 Alameda Stouts and 6 HOTD Blue Dots! 2 killers. But then the Fred from the Wood, Full Sail Session and Elysian BiFrost threw me over the edge of Beervana. All safe and sound…and delicious.
Jul 2006 kramer Jamie offered to be my personal shopper around Portland and she delivered a box in no time. 10 beers plus 2 great bonus brews add up to an awesome trade for me! Porters:Golden Valley, Mt Shasta, Etna, Siletz, & Cascade Lakes. Also Leviathan, Shut-Down, Blue Dot, Alameda Black Bear, and Dicks IS. Bonus Triple Dipsea & Deschutes 18th. Super fast ship & perfect communication. Awesome!!

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