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Jul 2017 Hermod I was travelling to Gothenburg and asked Gnoff if he was interested in an IP trade. He got me some nice ticks I was looking for and some new brewery ticks as well. Trade went nice and smoothly. Highly recommended trader.
Feb 2013 SaintMatty I have traded with Gnoff on a number of occasions and he has always delivered what he has promised. He is a really knowledgeable guy and very easy to talk to, especially over a beer or three! I hope to be able to trade with Gnoff a lot more in future.
Jan 2013 SaintMatty Have traded with Gnoff a number of times in person and he always delivers what he promised he would. He’s a kind and generous guy who is great to have a beer (or three with) and he has a great knowledge of the pubs in Göteborg.
Nov 2011 gunnar Did a beer swap in Gøteborg with Gnoff, got myself some beer from Dugges in return for some beers from Lervig. Will def do another trade when next in those neck of the woods. :-)
Nov 2006 oh6gdx Wow! Excellent packing by Janne, this is the way I’ll do it in the future! Got 2 x Dugges Gnoff’s APA, Åbro Julöl, Grebbestad Julöl, Zeunerts Julöl, Gamlestadens julöl, Jämtlands Julöl, Jacobsen Golden NAked Christmas Ale, GD Hibernation Ale.
Nov 2006 KnutAlbert I asked gnoff if he could make his own ale available, and he managed to bottle a few. Very well packed, it arrived within a week (I think Norwegian customs used most of the time). One point, though, the postage per bottle gets very high, so sending beers between Gothenburg and Oslo should be saved for special occations. Maybe we should start a courier service?