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Mar 2005 snowtiger Just in time for St Patty’s Day, Drew ships me Three Floyds Dreadnaught, Three Floyds Alpha Claus, and 2 bonus beers, DFH Aprihop and Founder’s IPA. I on the other hand, and being a putz and have not shipped his beers out yet. Sorry Drew, I will get them out very soon.
Nov 2004 goldtwins Drew sent a perfectly packed box of more than we agreed upon. 4 different Buckeyes. The Old Mammouth Stout, Martian Marzen, Hippie IPA, and Vaitsenbok. Also 1 each Great Lakes Nosferatu, Christmas Ale and Anniversary Ale and a Founders Centennial IPA. Great trader. Thanks again Drew.
Mar 2004 CaptainCougar Just received a great shipment of Ohio beers from Drew. A sixer of Siberian Night and eight other Ohio brews await my consumption :) Drew is a great trader!
Feb 2004 Slick Drew was kind enough to set me up with a nice assortment of Buckeye's.Mammoth Stout,Wheat Cloud,Martian Marzen,Frankenbock,Hippie IPA,Vanilla Bean Porter.Also a pair of Siberian Nights and Great Lakes Blackout Stout.Very nicely packaged.I'd recommend Drew anytime you need to connect up with some of these.Thanks again Bud.
Feb 2004 matta Who sends the brew to you like DREW do? Big Ohio Hookup of 22oz Buckeye bottles: Hippie IPA, Old Mammoth Stout, Martian Marzen, Wheat Cloud, Frankenbock, 1- 12oz Buckeye Bean Porter, 1- Blackout Stout, and the featured beers, 2- 12oz Thirsty Dog Siberian Night!!! Who could be greater?
Nov 2003 Dogbrick Drew was kind enough to flood my house with 8 different Buckeye Brewing selections, all packed wonderfully. Thanks again!
Nov 2003 Flipbrewer Drew sent me a nice assortment of craftbrews from Buckey Brewing, Great Lakes, and Crooked River which arrived in great shape within one week. Packaging was excellent; contents well packed and shipping box securely taped. On top of the 8 bottles agreed upon, Drew added two bonus bottles making this a much prized package of Midwest craftbrew! Many thanks, bro!