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Mar 2016 cgarvieuk well i would say in return for beers (but i suspect hed have done it for free) Dan drove me from Orlando to Tampa and round all the brewpubs. Which was just awsome. Couldnt have done it without him. So thanks man what a day ,and well worth a box of beer. Your a star
Aug 2014 TheAlum Easy trade with Cheese saw me swap the whole Virtue lineup (at the time) awhile back for a Catador Membership #1 delivered well into the future. Regular communication, the loot arrived in a bomb proof box. Easy peasy with Dan!
Sep 2013 douglas88 Awesome box, via OTM BIF. A cool cheese book and 6 new beers, all really great. Thanks man. I’m looking forward to getting my Mead buzz on:)
Aug 2013 Papsoe Received a sweet Southern box from Dan with obscure brews from states like Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida etc. - just the way I like it. Thanks a lot my friend - much appreciated.
Jul 2013 northernbrews Just realized I never left feedback from the last box Cheese sent up. He sent up an extra special growler that he helped get from another good friend down in Tampa. He extra’d a pic of his world famous nipples which was even more exciting than the growler :)
Jul 2013 Pailhead For a fantasy football league, Dan hooked me with with Upright Brewing 6 and Oyster Stout, Hoppin Frog Silk Porter, and Bayerischer Bahnhof Goseator. Thanks Dan!
Oct 2012 Unclerudy Just got a sweet box full of cigar city beer from the cheesedman in local swap 4. Hopefully we cash trade again!
Jun 2012 Bockyhorsey The cheeseman sent me a good box of brew. In Box was a bottle of each - Harveys Christmas Ale (Bottle), Goose Island Bourbon Brandy County Stout 2007, Central Waters Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Barleywine 2009, CigarCity Campeador – Greaves 2011
Mar 2012 cgarvieuk Awsome box that i just let him choose. Loads of Cigar City beers and a few well interesting meads. Man your once again a star, always willing and happy to trade with you. I know it wont be long till im back
Dec 2011 robinvboyer Another mind blowing trade with the cheese man! A gigantic box of 18 beers!!! loads of cigar city goodies, and some solid bells beers i haven’t had. Some highlights are the BA big sound, and the sweetwater happy ending! outstanding!

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