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Jan 2016 drfabulous Jake sent me an excellent Secret Santa box for the Winter 2015 Secret Santa trade. Full of unrated Idaho and West coast beers. Fantastic trader!
Aug 2014 TheEpeeist Jake is awesome. Responded to my ISO and quickly sent the beers i was seeking. May have to do this again.
Jun 2014 jackl Jake’s a consummate pro. Easy to deal with, great communicaiton, fast shipping. Trade with confidence!
May 2014 deyholla Great trade for my first ND tick! Hooked me up with some other beers from Idaho and Montana. Easy trade and great communication. Would be happy to do another!
Oct 2013 olr1984 Jake came through with some great locals from some states I’ve been trying to get for a while. Thanks again for responding and helping me out.
Sep 2013 JStax I responded to Jakes trade request to unload a mixed six pack given to him and a six others to include a couple North Dakota beers. Jake delivered quickly and with great communication and packing. Would definitely trade with him again.
Sep 2013 SHIG I recently sent out an ISO ND brews on the trade forum and Jake delivered. He sent me an awesomely packed box with Fargo Stones Throw, Wood Chipper IPA, and Bayern Bakken Bock. Hope this is just a sample of more to come!
Aug 2013 JohnGalt1 Great trade with a great guy!! Some cool beers that I NEVER thought I would see. Jake is quality from front to back and hopefully the future.
Aug 2013 BuckeyeBoy I hit up Jake for a couple odds and ends he hooked me up as always. Next thing I know he tosses in a Black note what a stud. Jake is top notch for sure, thanks buddy
Jul 2013 ygtbsm94 Damn, what a first-class trader Jake is!! He sent a boat load of beers and I was only looking for a couple local North Dakota brews. Received Fargo Stones Throw, Wood Chipper IPA, Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat, and too many extras to list! Highly recommended trading partner and I look forward to trading with him in the future! “Beer is Good Food”

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