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Nov 2017 beerplace 4th trade with Alex. All were good and fast as usual. Looking forward to the next trade with this man :)
Oct 2017 beerplace 3rd trade with Alex. As usual it went smoothly and with no problems. Thx, man!
Mar 2017 beerplace 2nd trade with Alex. He has "sacrificed" his rare Hill Farmstead beers for - thank you very much, man, appreciate it :-)
Jan 2017 Boutip Great tarde with Alex. Easy communication and quick shipping with great extras.
Nov 2016 beerplace 1st trade with Alex that has been set up via facebook. He is very easy to communicate and helpful guy. Received from him cool HF beers, LTM Speyside and some other great things. Thx, mate!
Aug 2016 Ljus Excellent IP trade, nice communication, nice guy, really honest and reliable. Would definitely look forward for another trade with him!
Aug 2016 tom10101 Easy in person trade with Alex! Great communication, easy to work with and he also gave me a super nice extra! I owe you one for next time, thanks again!
Jun 2016 Samact Nice And easy IP trade. Very good communication. Really cool guy to deal with. Looking forward to the next trade!
Apr 2016 tom10101 Nice and easy trade with Alex through a proxy (thanks SlovakSniper!). Perfect communication, easy to deal with and generous! Thanks!
Jan 2016 SlovakSniper Another successful exchange of great beers. 3rd trade with Alex. Awesome dude to deal with. He’s a pro. D’akujem vám ešte raz.

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