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Oct 2017 b3shine I was looking to try some Arizona Wilderness and David sent me an awesome assortment of fresh hops and farmhouse ales with the quickness! Packaging was [email protected] and he was super-easy to deal with. T. Hanks, David - let's do it again sometime!
Jun 2017 Homer321 Dave reached out to me because he knew I wanted Malt Liquor! He sent a box but the asshats at FedEx broke it. So he went back and got me another crowler and triple packed it! Great trader. Thanks bud!
May 2017 drowland Dave drops a box of knowledge on my doorstep with some kick ass local ticks including a malt liquor!!!
Dec 2016 riversideAK Dave is the man! He sent two crowlers from AZ Wilderness that I am stoked to crack open! Thanks man.
Jun 2016 drowland Dave hooks me up randomly with an awesome new malt likka tick!!! You da man!!
May 2016 shrubber85 Another bonus growler from Arizona Wilderness. Great trade.
Apr 2016 shrubber85 Out of the blue offered me an Arizona Wilderness growler. Great guy.
Nov 2015 gregwilsonstl Round 3! Dave is seemingly on a mission to cross off top 50 beers for me! Two fresh Pliny the Elders!? Yep, great guy! Amazing stouts as well! Cant wait to enjoy these. Thanks Dave....xmas in November!
Aug 2015 gregwilsonstl Round 2 was just as fun and easy as round 1. Dave hooked me up with a lot of West Coast stouts that I can’t get here in Missouri....and if that wasn’t enough, one of them was a BA Speedway Stout. Good guy, super easy to communicate with...go get this man a barleywine!....(and me a stout!)
Jun 2015 gregwilsonstl ibrew2or3 is awesome. I’m on a huge stout kick, and he sent me several stouts rated 4+ and threw in a few bonus stouts I wasnt expecting. He even threw in a Westy 12. His packaging was great, and I enjoyed communicating with him. I’ll be sending him some barleywines soon....I suggest you do too.

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