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May 2008 nimbleprop Long before DLD, Tim and I arranged to swap a Mikkeller Beer Geek and Black, Olfrabrikken Porter and Dominion Oak Barrel for 2 bottles of DL and some others to round it out. The "others" wound up being Founders KBS and a Big Eddy. A stout lover’s box! Great trade, thanks.
Dec 2006 IrishBoy Tim sent 2004 KRE, Alpha Klaus, Munsterfest, Pere Jacques, Hell Hath No Fury, Consecrator Dopplebock, and bonuses Bells Cherry Stout, Third Coast Beer, and Founders Reds Rye; the KRE and FFFs in indivdual styro shippers and the rest double bubble wrapped! Thanks Tim, the KRE I am saving for #1000 in a few months!
Dec 2006 bentley78 Every trade with Tim seems to get better. He sent me, all excellently packaged and speedily shipped, 4, thats right 4 dark lords, and two great bonuses, alpha klaus and munsterfest! You make my beer world go round man! This is one generous dude! Thanks Tim.
Nov 2006 Boutip Tim was nice enough to send me the coveted Dark Lord as well as 11 other goodies including Stone 10th, Stone 06.06.06, Fuller Vintage 2001, a bunch of Bell’s and Founders. Packaging job by Tim was perfect and would recommend trading with him anytime.
Oct 2006 HogTownHarry He wanted 2 KRE and we went from there - super easy to deal with, we ping-ponged the same shipper cross-border and still under a week! I got 2 Dreadnaught, 2 3F BlackSun, 1 DFH wws, 2 Fullers Vintage 2001!!, extras incl StormKing, Expedition, SiberianNight!!!, 6Point Bolshoi and a SharkBite - I’m VERY happy - hopefully we’ll do it again - thanks, Tim! NOTHING BROKE/MISSING!
Jul 2006 bentley78 As usual, an awesome trade with Tim! He sent me 2 dark lords, a black sun, 6 alpha kings, and a bunch of bonuses, including a brian boru, a vertical epic 06, and a consecrator doppelbock. Packaging was awesome, communication was great, and I would gladly trade with him yet again in the future! Thanks much Tim!
May 2006 bentley78 Once again Tim comes through with an awesome trade! He sent 3 dreadnaughts, 12 expeditions, and three nice bonuses, including a gumball head. Great packaging, quick shipping, great all around trader. Second trade with him, and hopefully not the last. Thanks Tim!
May 2006 bentley78 Tim sent me 2 almighty dark lords!!! And also some nice bonuses to boot! Great packaging, great communication, great trader! I am in the process of trading with him again as we speak. You rock Tim! Thanks!
May 2006 nolankowal Tim quickly shipped me one Dark Lord 06 as agreed and a bunch of extras: Oak Barrel Alabaster(x2) and Upland Wheat Ale(x2)! The packaging was outstanding, bot neat and indestructible. Great communication, overall an awesome trader!