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Sep 2012 pandableh amazing guy!! would trade again!!
May 2012 50belair In person trade at S&B. What can I say other than Andreas is the freakin’ man? He really hooked me up and I always appreciate it. Thanks a lot my friend, looking forward to the next one.....
Sep 2011 sarro Received a super generous, very well packed box from Andreas in an easy trade, which included Kaggen, Stormaktporter, & Blabaer. What an outstanding trader!
Aug 2010 StFun Quick, easy, painless. Super nice and really hooked me up. This was round 2, hopefully we can do it again sometime. Thanks so much!
Jul 2010 fata2683 Andreas sends me not only the agreed upon Kaggen, but the regular Stormakts Porter as well. I’m speechless. Thank you!
Apr 2010 sloth Sweet potato! 2 bottles of Kaggen, 07. Bonus bottle of Narke Max Golding. Excellent trade all around. Lots a fun this Andreas fella. Thanks much sir!
Nov 2009 Avalon68 I recently received a very well packed box from overseas containing 3X 2007 Kaggen, OL, and a few others from Andreas. Great Communication and extremely generous! Now it’s my turn to return the favor...he has set the bar pretty high for me. Wonderful trader!
Sep 2009 StFun Fantastic trade! Could *not* have been easier. Awesome communication, awesome packaging, awesome beers. This is really what trading is all about. Would do another trade with them any time. Thanks guys!
Sep 2009 scrizzz Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter. That’s right. 2007. Double bagged and triple bubblewrapped. I still don’t believe it. Thanks a million!
Aug 2009 coyotehunter Wow. ......Fantastic! not only do I get the Kaggen, but an Olfabrikken OL!!! great trader, great communication...Well worth trading with, and look forward to any future trades!

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