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Jul 2004 matta Scott’s NOT snooty… He’s a bad ass beer trader form the WEST SIDE! He delivered a stellar box of brew today.. 1 Old Yeltsin, 1 Vertical Epic, 1 Old Guardian, AleSmith Wee Heavy, and a surprise Westy Blond! Hells Yeah, Bro! Great Brews!
Jan 2004 matta What a stud! What a Great guy! Man, Snoot sent me a Westy 12 just because I had never had one. I didn’t ask him for it, he just sent it to me because he’s a BAD ASS MOFO!! And to top it all of, he sent me a bottle of Corsendonk Xmas as well, WTF!? How shell I repay him???????
Dec 2003 matta Snoot is a man of matter, a man of fact, a man that SENDS FANTASTIC BREW, a man of all seasons! I received a cross-country package containing 1- La Terrible and 1 –AS Speedway Stout! Rejoice is not an accurate portrayal of my emotion when I opened the package, Snoot is a Great Trader!