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Oct 2010 5000 WOW, trade #300 for Larry! As always, professional and very easy to deal with. Larry sent a box of goodies that included several from Long Trail, Captain Lawrence, Fire Island, Southern Tier, Troegs, and Ithaca. Always a pleasure Larry. And congrats on #300!
Jun 2010 madmitch76 A quite spectacular box from Larry. Kuhnhenn Extraneous Ale and Barrel 4th Dim. Stone Vertical 04, Avery Eleven and Twelve. Drakes Brandy Barleywine. Jewbelation 13, Smoke From Oak Apple Brandy, Bos Solar Eclipse and Vintage. That’s about it! Oh yeah I nearly forgot -Southhampton Double Ice Bock! Great trader and a great trade!
Mar 2010 brianjames1 Excellent trader, good communication and a fast shipper. Lots of local extras. Thanks for the easy trade!
Feb 2010 Glouglouburp Using a common friend as a mule Larry sends to me my much much much sought after North Coast Old Stock Cellar Reserve Brandy Barrel as well as a Southampton RIS. Extremely easy to deal with. Thanks a lot Larry.
Oct 2009 BMan1113VR Larry kindly helped me out by sending me two bottles of CL Captain’s Reserve, and further helped me out with a bottle of the new SFTO Apple Brandy. Also included were two extras of Southampton Pumpkin Ales. Larry helped we out and said that we could work out what I would send him later. Quick shipping, great communication, truly a great trader!
Jul 2009 ygtbsm94 Larry hooked me up in big way. He brought a bottle of Southampton Double Ice Bock and a sweet bonus brew of Long Trail Double IPA for an in person trade. Thanks Larry for the fantastic brews and hope to do it again soon. “Beer is Good Food”
Jun 2009 daknole Damn I just realized that somehow I forogt to enter feedback for our second trade. Larry is the shit. Pure and simple. Maybe we can go for trade #4 soon....I need a Capt Lawrence fix!
Jun 2009 SoLan Larry answered my ISO for some vintage 4th Dementias sending me an 08/01/04 and a 02/16/05. Threw in a ST Imperial Mokah as a bonus. Thanks man!
Apr 2009 DalzAle Larry helps me usher in spring 2009 by delivering an epic beer from my wants list: Russian River Deviation! In addition to that, he also tosses in the following: Magic Hat HI.P.A, Harpoon Leviathan and Blue Point Hoptical Illusion. All of this in a well packaged box. Thanks again man, I owe you one!
Apr 2009 Hophead22 Set up a nice little growler swap with Larry. He sent a Brooklyn Brewmasters Reserve Intensified Coffee Stout, and a Captain Lawrence Espresso Stout, then he threw in some sweet extras, CL St. Vincents Dubble, Troegs Flying Mouflan, Magic Hat HI.P.A and two Harpoon Leviathan’s, the Imperial IPA and Quad, as always a pleasure to deal with, thanks Larry.

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