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Jul 2014 sloth IP at my house. Brian delivers 3 RR Supplications (Batch 10) and then proceeds to hang out and drink a few beers with me! Been a long time b. Good to see you and swill a few with you also. Thanks for the beers and good company my friend!
Jul 2009 Beerman6686 Eaglefan sent me a Bells 7000, Amager Stout, and Jolly Pumpkin Brown Ale, great packaging and the JP was an extra. Thanks again man!
Mar 2009 BDR Brian hooked me up with a few batch 1 Mephistopholes stouts that we talked about nearly a year ago. For good measure, he tossed in Iron Hill Rauchbier and an Iron Hill Kreik de Hill as well. Many thanks my friend!
Jan 2009 theisti The second part of our trade was as great as the first. Brian sent the following gems: Saison Dupont, Mahrs Bräu Der Weisse Bock, Iron Hill Triple Bock, Iron Hill Sasquatch, Iron Hill Cassis de Hill, Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze (2005) and De Molen 1914 Porter. All of these beers were sought after. The Cassis was a real surprise! Thanks Brian!
Jan 2009 theisti Brian sent part one of our agreed upon trade, and really outdid himself. Check out this list - DFH Punkin, FLYING FISH ESB, Amber and Ofest, Geary’s Summer, Magic Hat #9 and Jinx, Penn Weizen, Riverhorse Double Wit, Smutty IPA, Portsmouth and Pumpkin, Thirsty Dog Leghumper, Lakefront White, IJ WIT and I am CERTAIN I am forgetting a few. 12 bottle styro, double boxed. Thanks Brian.
Dec 2008 Cletus Brian, being the awesome dude he is hooked me up with Bottles of Kriek de Hill and Lambic de Hill. Thanks for the awesome package!
Mar 2008 Styles Brian went above and beyond with this one. Sent the agreed upon Iron Hill Quadfather and Iron Hill Oak Aged Quad, with extra’s of Iron Hill Sasquatch and Norrebro North Bridge Extreme. Plus 4 empty bottles for homebrew purposes. Great packaging as well. Thanks again Brian!! Don’t hesitate to look me up.
Feb 2008 OldGrowth Brian notice I quietly added a Foothills Sexual Chocolate to my "haves" list and responded. He had Iron Hill Impy Stout that I was looking for and bonused me a North Bridge Extreme IIPA. Excellent packaging, always bonus points for a garbage bag holding it the beers were well bubble packed with packing peanuts filling in. Good communication, good trader in my book
Jan 2008 JohnC Eaglefan sent a nice package of beers from Victory, Iron Hill, Southampton, Southern Tier & Dark Island. Great trade. Thanks
Jan 2008 BeerandBlues2 Brian sent the agreed upon Dogfish Head Zwaanendale (1 pint, 9.6 oz) and Iron Hill Oak Aged Quad (1 pint, 9.3 oz) along with bonuses of Allagash Black (750 mL) and Southampton Secret Ale (12 oz). All was well-packed and endured the frigid journey across the US. Great communicator and easy to trade with.

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