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Apr 2016 SlovakSniper Andy is a super nice guy. Final point. I got an ice cider from my wanted list and great stuff from Ontario. Thanks for everything! Nasdrovia!
Sep 2013 tom10101 Box #3 from Andy and this one is even more impressive. 12-bottles shippers and more than half of the beers are nice extras! Perfect communication and one of the greatest guy out there to trade with. Cheers to many more!
Sep 2013 tom10101 Box #2 from Andy and again it was perfectly packed and loaded with great beers/cider. Communication wass perfect and he is an easy guy to work with. A great trader! Cheers!
Aug 2013 tom10101 First trade with Andy and everything went as smoothly as possible. I contacted him about a cider from Archibald Orchards and he kindly made the trip to get me one. We expanded the trade as well with other nice beer that I’m looking forward to try. Communication was perfect. Shipping was quick. Packing couldn’t be better. Andy is a great trade and I’m looking forward for more trade with him in the
Nov 2012 SlovakSniper Andy answered my call for Muskoka Twice As Mad Tom IPA. One of those trade partners I’m glad to have! Thanks for the extra! Don’t hesitate if you have any special requests: I bude vždy k dispozícii.
Dec 2011 Plovmand Andy provided me with several beers from my want list. Among them Archibald Winter Cider, Bierepholie Impy Stout and lots of other Canadian goodies. 12 beers in total. Amazing! Perfectly packed box. Highly recommended!
Jan 2011 SlovakSniper The shipper that I’ve send to Andy came back filled with 14 top shaped beers including extras! Quickly and nicely done with very good communication. Definitively a recommended trader. D’akujem vam vel’mi pekne moj kamarat!
May 2010 VertBaconStrips Andy approached me to set up a trade despite the fact that I had zero trade history. Some Grand Rivers, DDC Printemps, McAuslan Scotch Ale, Maximator and Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12 all came my way. Then he tossed in a Westemalle Dub, Archibald Orchards Spiced Cider (11.6%?!) and an Ola Dubh 40 (!!!!!!). Easy to set up and wicked packaging. Cheers A.
Apr 2010 Snot19kilo Great beer mail. some good quality beers that I couldn’t find around here. Quick delivery packaged good. No problems would trade again.
Nov 2009 JulienHuxley Another smooth trade with Andy, everything went quick and efficiently. Very well packed box that arrived presto. Would trade again anytime!

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