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Dec 2009 JustinCredible Best trade ever! Jason is awesome. We traded a couple large packages and he even sent some high quality extras. He’s a very easy person to trade with, and I hope to do it again soon. Thanks Jason!
Nov 2009 jdubFL Jason and I just made our second trade! Each of us filling a 12 bottle styro! Where do I begin he went out of his way to keep checking his local spot to grab me a EE Smokestack! We also traded for a Matt, 2 of the Iron Hill Lambics, and Supplication, as if the trade was not badass enough he sent a list of extras including: Damnation, Hottenwroth, Weyerbacher X, JP’s Golden Ale, Nor
Sep 2009 jdubFL Jason Jason Jason!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! Forget the awesome trade for a second he gave me a Lou Pepe Gueze as an extra!! THANK YOU!!!! Back to the trade Jason helped me complete my Iron Hill Lambic goal of all 4 with the IH Lambic. I cannot wait to try them all! He shipped quick and it was packed well!
Jun 2009 madmitch76 Jason turned a simple two beer trade in to something a bit special for me, as well as Allagash 11 and 12 he hooked me up with Allagash Fluxus 07 and Weyerbacher 11 (both on my wants list). Add to that Weyerbacher 12 and a bomber of Southern Tier Backburner. The man is incredibly generous and I am incredibly gratefull!
Jun 2009 BMan1113VR In my second trade with Jason I received an awesome styroshiper containing the agreed upon Pannepot Reserva, Weyerbacher Riserva, Alba Apple Wine (I love Alba), as well as extras of Victory Wild Devil, Scratch 18, and a homebrew acerglyn which I am really looking forward to! Everyone should trade with Jason, hell of a trader.
May 2009 LilBeerDoctor Jason hooked me up with a long-awaited Isabelle Proximus and bonused Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental IPA (WL!), Two Brothers Project Opus 10, and Troegs Scratch #7. Wow, awesome box! Thanks a lot Jason!
Apr 2009 bgburdman9 Jason sent a huge trade my way. It actually shipped in two separate boxes. The first one i opened had a huge german growler of dock street rye ipa which was a bonus beer and the second had a firestone walker 12, east end toaster, stoudts ba scotch ale, 2003 hotd adam, and a new and old ramstein winter wheat. Great trader!
Apr 2009 csbosox Jason expertly packed up a box of a dozen beers with the agreed on beers and plenty from my wish list. Alesmith IPA, Nugget Nectar, Ommegang BdM, Lost, LA 10 Commandments, Bells Wheat Love Ale , Ramstein Winter Wheat, Struise Elliot Brew, Founders Double Trouble, America’s Brewing BB Impy Stout, Troegs Saison, DFH Palo Santo, and Port Wipeout IPA.
Mar 2009 trevor211 Jason offered up a LA Sinners 08 for a HotD Matt. Great communication back and forth, and the Sinners showed up very quickly, in a well-taped box with styro bottle inserts and newspaper, along with *three* extras - Weyerbacher Insanity, Founders Double Trouble, and Troegs Nugget Nectar. Extremely generous - this was a fantastic trade. Thanks, Jason! Cheers!
Mar 2009 toncatcher Posted an ISO for General Lafayette 275th and knew it was a long shot, but Jason came through in a big way. Not only the General Lafayette 275th, but East End Homewood Reserve and Gratitude. Plus Extras that included General Lafayette Abbey brune and Blonde, Insanity, Founders Double Trouble, and Scratch #5. Double boxed and great communication. Awesome job!

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