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Oct 2010 yespr One of my most sought after beers, thanks Jon. Great guy and great company! Hope to make the next trade in person.
May 2010 GAManiac Another fantastic trade with Jon who continues to amaze with his generosity. In addition to the major want list item agreed upon, Jon also sent a bunch of tasty Cali extras. Until next time....
Apr 2010 xmarcnolanx Awesome box! Totally hooked me up with a growler of BA Speedway, and forgot to include the typical rape-age for it. Anyway, awesome trader and very securely packed!
Feb 2010 FlacoAlto Awesome box of want list killing goodies. The two day travel time is always nice too.
Jan 2010 BBB63 My NINTH trade with Jon and once again he does not disappoint. The haul included Alesmith Decadence 2008 and 2009, Beer Valley Pigskin and Leafer Madness, Alpine Great and Exponential Hoppiness, Port BA Santa’s Little Helper, Lost Abbey Sinner’s Blend 09, Bruery Papier (Rye Whiskey Barrel)plus 3 Bruery bonus beers: White Oak, Oude Tart, and Saison Rue. ROCKING!!!
Jan 2010 thebaldwizard Jon is awesome. Sent me a very highly wanted beer that I’ve been unable to track down for some time, and threw in a bottle of Alpine Great and a Partridge as well. I owe you big for this!
Jan 2010 hopscotch Jon shipped a growler of Pizza Port (Carlsbad) Slap and Tickle Pale Ale and bottles of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA and finally, hopefully, an uninfected bottle of Alesmith Decadence 2008. I bought three bottles of it and they were all bad. Can’t wait to try a good one. Thanks a million, Jon.
Dec 2009 hannont Met Jon for an in-person trade. As always, he hooked me up with a serious grip of beer...exponential hopiness, great, chickenkiller, surly two (WL), Duck duck gooze, sinners 09, ’08 Decadence, FW13, ubberhoppy, weyerbacher reserva. Damn!!!
Dec 2009 GMCC2181 Jon hooked me up with a VB Uberhoppy, (2 extras) Alpine Nelson and a Port Santas Little Helper (BB). Thanks Jon!
Dec 2009 Rosebud butternuts jon was kind enough to hand deliver a bottle of 2008 decadence the the dallas tasting. wish i would have been able to stay for the BA decadence. Thanks again jon and look for a box your way soon.

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