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Apr 2017 slowrunner77 Came through yet again with my ISO Trillium’s Anniversary ale and a couple A Streets! He’s my go to these days, even if he’s got Tom Brady/Bundchen as his profile pic ;)
Mar 2017 jsquire John hooked me up with five different Trillium beers and some other MA brewers in a locals trade that we worked out. Bombproof packaging and easy communication. Great trader.
Mar 2017 slowrunner77 I didn’t realize you were so new on this site! 2nd trade (thanks for reaching out again) was awesome. Great trader!!
Jan 2017 slowrunner77 I’ll second the bomb proof packaging! Quick n easy. Thanks, John!
Jan 2017 nimbleprop John went looking for some regional beers and sent some Trillium in return. The box could have been dropped from a plane it was so well wrapped. Shipped fast and first. We’ll do it again, hopefully.