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Mar 2010 dmac After tricking Jon into aother trade by disguising it as a "football bet" a box arrived at my door step with Alpine Duet and Nelson, Port Older Vis, Alesmith Decadance, LA Gift of the Magi and a Sawyers Triple. Thanks Jon and box 1 is on it’s way to you...
Apr 2009 dmac For our umpteenth trade Jon sent back a 12 bottle styro shipper that has now earned more frequent flyer miles then me. Inside the box this time were 3 super hoppy Blast Point beers, 3 fancy labeled Bruery beers, 2 Alesmith’s one of which is a little something called BA Decedance, Firestone Walker 12, Angels Share, Boris and a crazy cool silver can of beer that looks more like an energy drink can t
Mar 2009 SuzyGreenberg After I mixed up a growler trade, Jon came through big time as he hooked me up w/ the Alesmith BA 2007 Decadence!!! also mixed into the trade were: Bruery Saison de Lente, Lightning Old Tempest, Coronado Red Devil & YuleSmith (Winter); booyah!! perfectly packed, quick shipping & excellent communication as we worked around the release; thanks Jon!!
Jan 2009 beastiefan2k Jon wanted some LA Folie, I got it for him and said he can ship anything I have not had. He hooked it up with San Diego area treats. Thanks Jon.
Oct 2008 BlackForestCO I hooked up Jon with my Sinners Party guest pass and just asked he repay me the cost. He did that, as well as sending me out a Port Panzer as thanks. Shipped safely in a single bottle styro. Thanks a ton man, hope you enjoyed the party.
Oct 2008 yobdoog Perfectly packed in a styro shipper Jon sent me a BA Speedway that I have wanted for a while now. Along with the new Speedway and a Bruery Saison Rue. Great communication. Thanks for the great trade.
Oct 2008 dmac Jon for no reason at all other then he is fucking awesome sent me a growler of Evil Dead Red. Now some people use phrases like "bomb proof box" and "nuke proof" but I doubt they have ever seen a packing job like this. There was so much packing material to keep that growler safe that if I don’t recycle it every environmental group will name as their new number one sinner a
May 2008 dmac Well I asked Jon to do me a favor and ship me some Stone 11th Anniversarys. A week goes by and not only did he send the 6 requested beers, which would have been awesome enough, he goes and sneaks a Drakes Expedition Ale, an 08 Cuvee de Tomme and a Maui Coconut Porter into the box. I’m just glad I didn’t ship yet so I can repay the generosity.
Apr 2008 dmac I finally sent a nice package to Jon but then he goes and one ups me. I get a beermail last week about a bonus being sent my way. Well I come home today to find a nuke proof package which contained a fresh growler of Exponential Hoppiness. So unnecessary but so appreciated, it is gonna be a great weekend. Thanks Jon!!
Apr 2008 dmac Not sure how Jon keeps doing but every shipment is better then the last. This time around Jon hooked me up with 06 BA Old Numbskull, Bourbon Barrel Old Stock, Black Magic Stout, Bourbon Barrel Old Knucklehead, Firestone Walker 11, Bourbon Barrel Angels Share and a Westy 12!!!

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