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Apr 2009 robertjm Face to face trade with Ryan, who happened to be in my neck of the Woods this Easter. Great to trade with! I’m sure we’ll be doing a trade again sometime. Received from Lost Abby 1 Isabelle Proximus, 1 Red Poppy, 1 Angel’s Share and a super hard to trade for Alesmith B.A. Decadence!! Thanks again and hope grandma had a great birthday. :-)
Mar 2009 durhambeer Thanks in part to Ryan for the hangover I have this morning. Ryan agreed to ship a Red Poppy, a Consecration, a Barrel-Aged Angel’s Share , and a Damnation 23/46. Those awesome beers made it, accompanied with a Sam Adam’s Triple Bock, Stone Vertical 06.06.06, Stone XI, a 2007 Double Bastard, a 2005 Samichlaus, a oak-aged Bastard, and a 2007 Bigfoot. What a haul! I love this guy.
Aug 2008 northernbrews Ryan once again hooks it up big-time. He sends 3 bottles of Isabelle (one for me, Styles, and ryan) plus another one from Julian (Saco_De_Toro) to me. On top of these 4 beauties, he sends a BA Old Numbskull and Black Butte XX as a Thank You for getting him some Short’s beers. Damn, each shipment from Ryan keeps getting better and better. Highly, highly recommended.
Aug 2008 durhambeer Secret shipment from Ryan included all kinds of goodies and two amazing extras: Black Butte XX and an ’06 Bigfoot. The shipment was a favor to me, so the extras were over the top in their generosity. Amazing trader.
Jun 2008 northernbrews First trade w/ Ryan. He sure didn’t disappoint. He sent the agreed upon Brandy and Bourbon Old Stocks, Gift of the Magi, 2 07 Abyss, Ichabod, and a few other goodies with bonus’ of Lightning Imperial Porter and SA Imperial Pilsner. We’re already working on our 3rd trade. Highly, highly recommended. Excellent trader!
Jun 2008 northernbrews Me and Ryan have been working on this trade for a little while waiting for different brewery releases. I sent his first shipment last week and his next one is going out this week. I figured I’d be getting about 16 beers and Ryan hooks it up with 24 packed real nice in 2 - 12pack shippers. Some of the highlights were 2 Beautification, Cuvee de Tomme, Red Poppy, Brandy Angel’s Share, Older
May 2008 spacecoyote Ryan traded me an Alesmith BA Old Knumbskull ’06, an Alesmith BA Wee Heavy ’06 and a Russian River Beatification 003...and sent as extras a Maui Coconut Porter, a FW Union Jack and an Alesmith Grand Cru ’06 aged at the brewery!!! Well packed, great communication and a quick turn around. Nice, very nice indeed!
Mar 2008 jbrus Very friendly trader who sent me lots of beerlove with Double Bastard Ale , Alesmith Old Numbskull, Pizza Port Hop 15, Firestone 11, Moylan Hopsickle, Signature Ale, Gift of the Magi, Ballast Point Sea Monster, Alpine Ichabod. Excellently packed as well.
Feb 2008 wj94 Received a Supplication, Yulesmith (winter), Decadence, an Alpine Ichabod, and a few extras to boot. Great packaging and fast shipping, wouldn’t hesitate to trade with Ryan again.
Feb 2008 Sephiroth Ryan sent the agreed upon Older Viscosity, Gift of the Magi, and Bourbon Barrel Old Stock. Then some wonderful extras, Holiday Yulesmith, Lobotomy Bock, and Old Tempest Ale.

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