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Apr 2012 michael-pollack Soeren sent me an amazing box of Danish beers from my Wants list. It was just perfect. Excellent packaging. I hope to trade with him again.
Aug 2011 Ibrew2or3 Soeren has outdone himself. Perfectly packed up he sends the following across the pond: all 19 Mikkeller hop series (what!!!). He then bonuses me, currently #60 on ratebeer, BA George as well as Grassroots Papsø Puppy Love! That’s like 21 bottles, WOW! Great communication and an amazing trader. Let’s do it again!
Jul 2011 Scopey A great international trade with Soeren. He sent some of my top wants: Cantillon Blåbær, CCB Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout, Mikkeller Spontancranberry, Spontangrape, Spontancassis and an interesting local brew! Everything arrived in great shape and the communication was excellent. I look forward to trading with Soeren again in the future. Thanks!
Apr 2011 Ibrew2or3 Soeren jumps into trading feet first going international too. He kept the communication level on high and when we were both ready he shipped out an amazing and dizzying array of beery goodness: Nørrebro Seven Bordeaux, Seven Nieport, ’07 Little Korkny’s Bourbon, Cognac and Niepoort + bonus brews De Molen X Porter, Det Lille Barleywine and Roskilde Ol ’08 Barleywine. Thx! Highly recommended.