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Nov 2017 marcus I'm a bit late leaving feedback. Blame it on old age. Brad and I swapped beers that had been brewed for our respective 10k ratings. Both beers were great BTW. We also traded a few fine brews that needed rating. Brad was particularly generous with his extras and he seems to have access to a lot of rare and excellent beers.
Jun 2017 JStax In person trade with Brad in Cincy. Met up at Listermann and he had the beer I had asked for plus one he said was even better. Can’t beat that! I would trade with him again anytime.
Jul 2016 nimbleprop Another trade with Brad, another good one. Looking forward to the same thing next year.
Jan 2016 TheEpeeist I had a few Billionaires and the trade blossomed from there. Brad sent some cool and crazy locals and added a bunch of extras.
Jan 2016 nimbleprop A trade we worked out a while back, just putting up feedback now. Usually, Brad and I trade in person but this time we shipped. Easy to work with. Will always trade with Brad when I can.
Nov 2015 MacBoost Perfect trade. Great communication, fast shipment and packed excellent. Would not hesitate to trade with again. A+
Oct 2015 mstrcrwly did a low key trade with Brad and after initial delay due to personal reasons,more than made up for it with 4 extras..great packaging and arrived in 2 days..would definitely trade with Brad again.
Oct 2015 Errl Lost count of how many trades we have done.. Brad always comes through with solid boxes that I don’t even have to ask for anything. He pretty much knows what to send me. I am always looking forward to the next box. Cheers!
Oct 2015 hopsnat Brad is the first person that I’ve traded with from RB (I mainly trade on reddit). He was very professional and had great communication during the whole process. Brad is probably the most generous trader that I’ve had the opportunity of working with (I’ve traded with over 30 people). If you trade w him, make sure to add several quality extras! 5+/5
Oct 2015 ksurkin I came out of trade retirement to do another great trade with Brad. As, always everything was perfect and the beers will be excellent. Cheers!

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