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Jan 2008 yobdoog Ezra is great and patient. He send me stuff even though the bottle he wanted was not released yet. He sent a hand bottle of HOTD Greg, awesome and a MS Maitress Du Moine. Recommended.
Dec 2007 TheEpeeist Ezra sent a Midnight Sun La Mâitresse du Moine (Wants forever!) and Obliteration II. Kicked in a Doggie Claws 2007, always a favorite. Packed in a nice styro shipper. Keep it coming. Great trader.
Dec 2007 JJClark This is mine and Exra’s second trade and as before, he delivered far and above. I received the agreed upon hoTd Greg and North Bridge Extreme , but he also bonused me a Lauralwood Boss IPA and a Green Flash IPA. All professionally packaged and promptly delivered. Thanks again Ezra!
Nov 2007 TURDFERGUSON Ezra sent a Midnight Sun La Mâitresse du Moine and added a HOTD Fred and a Laurelwood Boss IPA as extras. Flawless packaging and great communication. Thanks Ezra!
Nov 2007 WeeHeavySD Ezra delivers in our 3rd trade, 2nd in just a few weeks. a 1L hand bottle of HotD Greg, 2 Midnight Sun Bombers Obliteration II and La Maitresse du Moine. As well as 2 bonus 12 ozers. Laurelwood IPA and porter. Many thanks for the expedited shipping for this prized squash beer handbottle.
Nov 2007 zathrus13 Ezra sent me two Hawks Sweet Amber Ale, and one each of Dark Horizon, Obliteration II, Raven’s Eye Impy Stout, and a Founder’s Deca. He also included two extras, a Black Flag Impy Stout and a Moylan’s Impy Stout. It was very well packed. A nice trade. I hope we can trade again.
Nov 2007 jrob21 Ezra delivered some oregonian hop deliciousness with speed. Check it, midnight sun oblieration II, Deschutes Hop Trip, Roots Organic Woody IPA, Butte Creek Fresh Hop Organic IPA, and a Bridgeport Hop Harvest. One of those was an extra and I’m not sure which one ’cause I’m excited about them all. Thanks again man. Let’s do this again.
Nov 2007 WeeHeavySD Ezra rocks it in our second trade. Delivers the retired Hawks’s Sweet Amber Ale, Mikkeller Stateside IPA, and a killer want list bonus, drops a huge quadraped, the Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter. Great packing in the styro I sent him, now I’ve got it for another trade. Thanks for all the greats, hope we can do it again.
Nov 2007 MrBendo Ezra delivered 2 Midnight Sun Obliteration II, Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter and a HOTD Rose Cassis. Plus a Alesmith Anvil ESB from my wantlist. Fast and easy transaction all around. Thanks for the great trade.
Nov 2007 beastiefan2k the competition with this trade. Trade was for Obliteration II, 2 HotD Cassis’05, Elysian Pumpkin, and Pyramid Imp Hefe. Ezra surpirses me with a Black Bear XX Stout off my want list, awesome. Good communication and recommended.

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