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Mar 2013 rfraga7 Trade went as planned. Communication was excellent and beers were packed well. The trade went as smooth as possible for an international trade. Would trade again.
Dec 2012 sarro Mads & I just completed our second trade with one another and I must say he’s a great trader. Received some world class lambic from him as well as a Niepoort Korkny. Looking forward to the third trade!
May 2012 GT Mads and I met up at Sour&Bitter to do an IP trade for another Blabaer for my fiancee. Always good to sees Mads. Had a great time at Sour&Bitter.
Feb 2012 Doodler Mads slipped some beers into a box that Henrik sent my way. Crazy stuff. Always appreciative kind sir! Thanks greatly...
Jan 2012 Doodler Mads was my Secret Santa and crushed my wants list with some very tasty Brews, including BrewDog Nøgne Ø Mikkeller Black Tokyo* Horizon collab, a Blab, a new Kopi Loewak, BA TX Ranger, a Randers Gasolin + a Fanø Imperial X-mas Porter. Thanks again Santa!
Aug 2011 sarro Just completed a huge trade with Mads and couldn’t be happier. Sent 8 American heavy hitters and got 6 Belgian+Danish ones in return including some Blabaer. Fast, well packed shipping and easy communication. Look forward to another in the future!
Mar 2010 GT Mads and I met up in CPH for some special Mikkeller beers on tap and did a face to face trade for Blabaer and he bonused a one-off from Beer Here. Great communication, lots of fun to hang out with- an awesome ratebeerian!
Mar 2010 Snojerk321 My first over seas trade and it was a beut. Mads sent the agreed upon...3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage (all from 2002-*) 3 Fonteinen Schaarbeekse Kriek Amager Danish Beerhouse Barrel Aged Series Imperial Stout Amager Danish Beerhouse Barrel Aged Series Old Mans Ale Fullers Vintage Ale 1999 Mikkeller 黑 / Black (Peated Edition) (Gold wax) Mikkeller 黑 / Bl
Nov 2009 Ibrew2or3 A bunch of amazing brews sent internationally by Mads. I got these amazing agreed upon brews Amager: Papsø, Kølle, Træ Kølle, Rated XX 2009, Old Mans Ale Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch one on one. Also in the lot are fantastic barleywine bonuses Brockhouse Vintage ’06, Djævlebryg Old Mephisto. I’m in heaven. Thanks a ton Mads!
Jul 2007 Ughsmash Last trade until he’s back in Denmark, that is. Mads sent me a ridiculous box with a couple vintages of Cantillon Blåbær Lambik and top notch stuff from Struise, Amager, and Mikkeller. Remarkable generosity, enjoyable conversations, and unbelievable beers! Thanks for the world-class, hall of fame trade! I wish you the best of times in India!

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