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Jun 2010 Beerlando John hooked it up with some great SoCal treats, including Veritas 007, Melange No 3, Einer’s Folly, Framboise de Amorosa, and a bonus Cuvee de Tomme! Sweet. Thanks a ton man. Great trader.
Nov 2009 daknole God almighty. John sent a box that is just nuts. BA Speedway, BA Decadence, Bourbon Papier!!!, Lost Abbey, 06 decadence. HOLY CRAP. Cheers!!!
Nov 2009 Bucwild The reviews of John are no joke. John is a great trader. Got my package today with Black Tuesday, BA Autumn Maple and extras of Surly Cynic Ale, Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA and Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout. An amazing trade with an amazing trader!!
Oct 2009 pimpp John is the mother fucking man! Veritas004, Rye Papier, ’07 BA Deca, and then bonus’s me an ’09 Older Visc and a BA Santa’s. He never ceases to amaze me. If I ever get out to SD then the drinks are on me, buddy. Cheers!
Sep 2009 MaxxDaddy John hooked me up with an unbelievable box of goodies. We agreed on Bruery Papier (Brandy), Telegraph Reserve Wheat, and Oceanside Big Ru, but then he bonused me Oceanside Oaked American Stong Ale and Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout! Man, what did I do to deserve all this great stuff? Thanks a ton John! Hope to trade with you again some time!
May 2009 imadeadguy Awesome trade right here! Got the agreed upon: Witch Doctor, Sexual Chocolate, CDT, CDC, and Bells 7k. John then extras a 05 Samilclause, 07 Old Guardian, and a Surly Cynical. All packed up in a shipper and got here quick. Great trade and would trade with anytime. Thanks again!
Mar 2009 pimpp John sent a monsterous box of some of my biggest wants. BA Wee Heavy, Deviation 9th, RR Cons, Brandy AS. He tops it off with an Alpine BORIS and Cuvee de Tomme as extras. Simply amazing and highly recommended.
Mar 2009 StFun John hooked me up with a growler of Alesmith My Bloody Valentine, which I’ve wanted to try for over a year. He also sent the agreed on Coffee Bender, CynicAle, and the hard to find Cherry Adam. Everything was boxed up nicely and good communication to boot. John is a great guy and I hope to do more trades with him in the future.
Feb 2009 hopdog Thanks for the great box of West Coast beers; Beatification Batch 3, Great Divide Barrel Aged Old Ruffian, Bruery Berliner Weiss growler, Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale, and Surly Coffee Bender. Hopefully our 1st trade of many to come!!!
Feb 2009 JoeMcPhee Received a bulletproof box full of west coast goodies 1 - BA Old Numbskull 1 - Lost Abbey Serpents Stout 1 - Alpine Boris 1 - Red Poppy Great box from a great trader. Many thanks!

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