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Hamirubi ~ Mr Augustijn 2017 (Ertvelde, January 8th 2017)

After many years of visiting Belgian beer festivals and tasting the loveliest brews, I had to find a way to keep track of my taste findings. So I started rating them. My current beergoals are:
* re-tasting, editing and re-rating my earliest,
2007 and 2008 RateBeer scores
* obtaining a platinum Variety badge

Favorite Style: IPA - Black / Dark
Last seen Oct 5 2018
Brouwerij Broers, WachtebekeBrouwerij De Ranke, DottigniesBrouwerij Van Steenberge, ErtveldeHuisbrouwerij Den Tseut, OosteekloTotem, Evergem