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Oct 2012 hophead84 A third trade with Kris and he found the time to ship while visiting Chicago to run a marathon (!). He traded me an amazing bottle, was generous enough to pick up some bottles from a Danish bottle shop for me and carry them to the US, and then surprised me with a couple bottles from the Chicago area from two breweries I’d never before tried. Awesome.
Oct 2012 hophead84 Looks like I forgot to add the trade from March of 2011. Kris hooked us up with some killer lambic and a beer he brewed at a Danish brewery. Top notch.
Apr 2012 Doodler Kris hand carried a good number of tasty Danish treats with him across the pond on his visit to NY and properly utilized our USPS to send them my way to Colorado. Arrived with many surprises inside to boot! Thanks and Cheers Kris!
Mar 2012 javib458 Second trade with Kris, he hooked me and Shane up with some great stuff. Looking forward to future trades!
Oct 2010 javib458 In person trade with Kris back in August almost forgot to add this, hope your beer gets brewed commercially.
Aug 2010 WeeHeavySD Awesome in person trade with Kris, super cool guy, hope he gets his fill of hops over here on the West Coast.
Aug 2010 hophead84 In person trade completed with Kris, thanks! Highly recommended.