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Dec 2015 jcwattsrugger Jeff provided a good set of locals again. Will look for a Schilling maybe on our next one in the spring. After heading home, I realized I had a 32oz growler of a NJ IPA to add into the mix. Doooooh.
Jun 2015 jcwattsrugger Another winning IP trade with Jeff. And an extra from a new NH brewery for me. Looking forward to the possibility of our next trade including a Schilling beer. cheers john
Jul 2014 jcwattsrugger Got a vt beer and 2x12oz of a Maine beer on todays IP trade. :-). Looking forward to our next one.
May 2014 jcwattsrugger IP trade at a NH Gathering hosted by mcox90 + Torey. We were able to do a trade after the days shenanagins and I believe we both are happy with our new acquisitions. Will look to do this again in the future with Jeff.
Apr 2014 Bulk_Carrier Wow, super nice box of New England brews that I can’t get. Awesome packaging and great reviewer, awesome guy that I would trade with again.