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Aug 2013 audiovivid Dan is a great and incredibly generous trader! Thanks to him I was able to land some long coveted beers for a best friend. Would be happy to trade with Dan again and any time.
Apr 2013 Art Dan hooked me up with a Lost Abbey Deliverance and a Pliny the Elder for my Brackets for Beer 2013 box. 2 want list beers. Cant beat that! Trade with Dan if you get the chance.
Apr 2012 Swolf3 Dan hooked me up with a bottle of Pure Hoppiness, Pliney the Elder, Hop-15, and Palate Wrecker. All packaged great and sent out fast. Thanks!
Jul 2011 javib458 Did a quick and easy in person trade with Dan, swapped a V009 for a V007 and he threw in a Tyranena as an extra. Thanks!
Apr 2011 jckp64 Dan sent me some awesome brews for the ratebeer brackets. Sent me a santa’s little helper, silva stout and an older viscosity. Quick shipping and great packaging. Thanks a lot Dan!
Dec 2010 awiseman01 Dan blew me away again. Sent him a 4-pack of Doubly Down n Even Dirtier for a pair of Stone 10.10.10 in exchange. He topped it off with a pair of Velvet Merlins, Parrot in a Palm Tree and T.R.E.A.T!!! Always a pleasure to trade with Dan, nice to get a swift brees from San Diego.
May 2010 awiseman01 Dan came to bat for a stellar trade at DLD2010. BB Angels Share, A.S.G.C., Framboise di Amarosa, Black Tot, DORIS!, El Camino collab, Red Poppy AND Supplication! What a list of awesome brews, can’t wait to get into. He tops it off with bonues: Central Waters BB Barleywine, BB Stout, Satin Solstice and NG Unplugged Cherry Stout. Now I just need to convince myself to pop these gems.
Sep 2009 JW77 Dan was kind enough to hook me up with a 1 liter growler of one of my favorite beers, Stone VE 07 aged in red wine barrels. I cant think you enough for hooking me up man.
Jun 2009 adrian910ss Dan sent a great box of west coast stuff. included were: Older Viscosity, Cuvee De Tomme, Angels Share Bourbin and bonuses of Black Phoenix, San Quentins Breakout Stout, and Green Flash Stout. Everything arrived safe and sound and the communication with Dan was very easy. Dan is a top notch trader and Ill trade with him anytime. Thanks alot, Man !!!!
Jun 2009 Cletus Dan hooked me up with a sixer of bombers from the West Coast. Some awesome hoppy beers packaged in a box that a Sherman tank could have run over. Just what the doctor ordered. Cheers!

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