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Jan 2012 mcox90 A surprise box from Bill, that included BBc Professer Gesser’s IPA, Three Floyds Dreadnaught, Uplan Rad Red Amber Ale and Flying Dog Raging Bitch.
Dec 2010 SP23 Acknud sent me some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel 4 packs. Nice and easy trade. Would do again.
Dec 2010 Acknud Great trade with Smokepot23. I got a Surly Bender, a Surly Furious, 2 Ballast Point Sculpins and a 750 Horny Devil. Thanks a lot!
Aug 2010 mcox90 Came home from work Friday to find a box on my deck from Acknud.I wasn’t expecting anything! I open the box to find a bottle of FFF Acropalypse Cow, a bottle of Bear Republic Racer 5, and a bottle of Southern Tier Creme Brulee. Amazing. Acknud was, is, and continues to be my favorite trade partner.
Jul 2009 brentfeesh Very generous trade! For a 6pk of Alabama brew , I recieved a big ’ol bottle of Theobroma and THREE count’m THREE extras of various Schlafly brews. Very patient with me while getting the trade set up. Easy communication and solid packaging. A stand up trader that I would trade with any time. Thanks!
Mar 2009 bhensonb Got a nifty box of 12 oz that included Schlaflys I never even saw in St. Louis. And I looked for Schlafly in a number of places. Can’t say much that hasn’t been said. Prompt, well packed. Interesting beers. I’m proposing a swing trade where our boxes come back full. Fingers crossed.
Feb 2009 daknole So I contact Acknud about another trade and I asked hiim about 1 bottle of beer...so he sends me a surprise box...surprise is right! 12 bottles!! A bunch that I was about to add to my wants list...Moylans IPA, IIP and IIIPA! Founders Rubaeus, Porter and Double Trouble. Schlafly IPA, Extra Stout and Xmas Ale, Magic Hat Lucky Kat and Great Divide Hades...damn what a box. Cheers
Feb 2009 unclemike In my 3rd trade with the good doctor he hooked me up with the following nectar of the gods. We decided in trade for a barley island beastie barrel stout, a barbary coast gold rush style beer,and for bonus he throws in an agave wheat and to boot a gulden draak a wants list for me. Great trader great commo, great all around guy.
Feb 2009 Lagunitasfan Awesome trade and trader. Acknud BMed me on a posting I offered for Hop Stoopid. I requested some good local Kentucky beers in return. I shipped East some of California’s finest (bottles), in the form of one Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, and a Pliny the Elder, which he requested. In return I got a beautifully packaged box that included an assortment of Bluegrass Brewing Co. beers. One each of
Feb 2009 unclemike The doc delivered in a huge way with 6 different beers that consisted of the following a fullers esb, screamin pumpkin spiced ale, kentucky bourbon barrel ale, sprecher mai bock, mad hatter ipa, and an oxford raspberry great guy all around and great trader.

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