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Apr 2011 cgarvieuk Great box of both new stuff and some old i wanted for my tasting group. Given how hard it was to get the Surley Darkness the first time around ,getting another was just delightful. given this all started from a random request for a beer i had, its turned into a great little trade Wonderfully packed. So cheers man
Apr 2010 pantanap quickly sent out a barley john’s growler of coconut porter that will soon be shared on dld....thanks again!
Mar 2009 kosko20 In person and easy. Great communication. BGB Weasel for Dark Horizon 2.
Feb 2008 DonMagi 6 hopslam for 2 paradox! Done deal my son! Excellent trade, quick turnaround and well packaged.
Jun 2007 brentfeesh Ben really came through on this one. The week before NoogFest III, he sends me 2 each of Surly CynicAle, Bender & Furious along with a home brew and a Tail Wagger. They arrived just in time for me to take them to the NoogFest and everyone was able to enjoy them! Communication was great and he was willing to ship first since I still didn’t have all his beer. Great trader! Thanks!
Apr 2007 crizay Another fine trade with the one who broke my trading cherry but now I’m in Ohio. Belgian Red & Raspberry Tart I’d been craving so much for. 2 NG Stone Soup’s, Enigma, Belgian Quad. 3 Sam Adam’s Longshots, Lake Superior Oatmeal Stout, Schmaltz Alt, Capitol vintage Ale, Schell Firebrick. Thanks again Ben!
Apr 2007 DirtyMartini ben came through with the surly 4-packs i was hoping for....both bender and furious. as well, he threw in 3 extras. 1 third coast old ale, 1 new glarus zwickel, and 1 new glarus stone soup. thanks again ben.
Jan 2007 OldGrowth cool, quick deal two Central Waters Bourbon Barrel stouts and two bonus beers New Glarus Copper Kettle Weisse & Totally Naked. Well packed. & good communication back & forth. Didn’t even get mad as I kept calling him by his fathers name, but that another story. Well recommended!
Apr 2006 crizay I was like a little kid on Christmas, the bottles just kept coming out of this massive box. He sent 10 New Glarus including the Belgian Red & Raspberry Tart. 4 Viking brews had no idea about, and a GI Matilda, Bell’s Rye Stout, and Victory St. Victorious. We will do this again, You Rock!
Jan 2006 goldtwins In box #2 from Ben, which by the way he packs so nothing can ever hurt these beers, were 12 more beers (first had 11). First class trader. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, 1997 Carnegie porter, New Glarus Snowshoe, Leinenkugels Big Butt and Creamy Dark, Schell snow Storm, Capital Munich Dark, and Viking Juleol, Rauch, Queen Victoria’s Secret, and 2 Beserk Barleywine. THANK YOU!

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