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Apr 2015 MacBoost Gr8 trader here. Nice deck too. Looks good naked.
Mar 2014 TheHOFF43 I win a free beer contest from mr silly duck and he Sent Mr a nice box of brewery to share with many people’s.
Dec 2013 brokensail Shawn was kind enough to send some hoppy beers from Trillium my way along with a Boon VAT44 and a couple of extra beers on top of that. Solid trade.
Dec 2013 cubs Dr. Shithæd has been Ahabing off the coast of Nantucket and the SS Booster brought in quite the haul. Thanks x1399! http://i.imgur.com/qZkQOuBl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xzqFakG.png
Dec 2013 DietPepsican Solid set of brews sent out like a wave from one ocean to the next. Lobster, prairie dogs, some birthroot, some jesusofVT. All solid rakes. Will consume with much joy during SPL times of holiday season.
Dec 2013 MacBoost Another awesome box from Lou. Well packed, full of neate extras. Like the chips. You will not find a more generous trader on all of ratebeer. Seriously.
Aug 2013 AdamChandler Did a trade for RateBeer Scavenger Hunt Season 3 with shawn. awesome box in return!
Jun 2013 mpradie Shawn is an excellent trader. He’s communicative, timely, honest, stoked (important), and sends some really worthwhile extras. Looking forward to many more, Shawn!
Jun 2013 Glouglouburp WARNING: Shawn homer-rates his local breweries with insane high scores and then he trades them to honest people like me for superior quality beer. Don’t fall for it like I did last year and this year again. Now I have a box full of Jack Abby and others to drink. Fuck this guy.
Apr 2013 DietPepsican LUSHAWN! Brother just sent me a 5 piece weight set from Jack’s Abbey. Going to do a whole lot of 16.9oz curls tonight, my brothers. #lifting #wbw

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