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Oct 2009 Skyview Another outstanding trade with Mitch. Received a few goodies from Montana which saved me a 1,000 mile road trip. Received Grand Teton Lost Continent IIPA, Stone 13th Anniversary, a HTF Glacier Chaser from Great Northern and two Madison Catch & Release bottles (Madison River Hopjuice IPA). I think I am set for one weekend.
Jan 2009 goldtwins To top off an exceptional beer trade week Mitch hooked me up with 4 Midnight Suns. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus (too many jokes so won’t post any). If I hurry I can even be the first rater of 1 of them. Also cool was the box inside had my good old friend’s name KP on them. Thanks again
Dec 2008 riversideAK In another great trade with Mitch he sent a Big Sky Ivan the Terrible, a Stone Cali Belgique and bonused a New Belgium Old Cherry I am looking forward to trying all these beer Super packaging awesome communication Basically Mitch is the man
Oct 2008 Cletus In a tightly packed box, Mitch hooked me up with 15 beers from Montana, all new to me. Thanks for the amazing trade!
Oct 2008 doubleo Mitch hooked me up with an 06 Abyss, 08 La Folie and a Double Haul IPA. Thanks for answering my call.
Jul 2008 mcbackus Mitch went the agreed apon 2 cans of beer very quickly and packed well. i got Ketle house Cold Smoke and Double haul, great easy little trade, i love these. thanks
Jul 2008 BMan1113VR Would trade with Mitch any time. Easy to deal with and sent a box that could have surived being catapulted here from Montana. Inside Mitch included the agreed upon Pike Xx5 Stout, HotD Rose (Batch 34), and the pièce de résistance, Midnight Sun Arctic Devil Barelywine. He was also quite generous to throw in Lang Creek Fish On! Summer Ale, and Kettle House Double Haul IPA as extras (time to taste me
Jul 2008 riversideAK In my second trade with Mitch he sends a 3 beer styro shipper with some good stuff from Montana. 1 Big Sky Biere de Noel, 1 Madison River Hoppers Pale Ale, and 1 Lang Creek Fish On Summer Ale. I would trade with Mitch any time. Thanks man!
Feb 2008 alexsdad06 I responded to the FT post by Mitch a couple of weeks back. In a fast easy trade, Mitch sent 2 Full Sail Top Sail Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porters and an extra of Kettle House Cold Smoke Scotch Style Ale. Shipping was fast and everything was extremely well packed. Clear communication. Thanks for the great trade.
Feb 2008 CaptainCougar Mitch send two big boxes (each double boxed) with a bunch of beers from Montana and the PNW. 17 in all with a bonus bottle! All well packed and promptly shipped. Looking forward to trying everything. Thanks again!

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