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I am just here to give my subjective rating since 5/26/2019 implemented my beer checklist to make ratings more consistent, so I may re-rate all at some point if I have the chance, it is the first step to consistent and not biased ratings. Mainly like sweet beers or Belgian style ones, do not like sour or salty ones. Do not mind too bitter ones. I always try to provide beer location and if it is new one.. if I am not lazy I may provide also with picture. Lately a lot into fruity hazy...
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AF Brew, St. PetersburgAlus Darbnica Labietis, RigaAmager Bryghus, KastrupĀrpus Brewing Co., RīgaContra Brewing Co, ĀdažiHarboes Bryggeri, SkælskørHopalaa! Brewery, Valgundes pag.Nurme Alus, Talsu novadsODU Brewery, Ķekavas nov.