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Jul 2015 phaleslu Frank helped out in 3-way deal and promptly sent a box of stuff from Wisconsin to me. Thanks, Frank! Cheers!
Jun 2015 Homer321 Frank here drops an unsolicited box off on my porch as a house warming present! Three ticks from Taiwan and a homebrewed mead!!! Awesome! Thanks!
Jul 2014 Ibrew2or3 Frank hooked me up with some tasty midwest treats in exchange for some malt liquor. How cool is that. Great trade. Thanks Frank. Anytime you want to do another one let me know. Cheers!
Jul 2014 MaxxDaddy Quick and easy trade with Frank. Got some fun Chicago locals and an extra Big Hurt Beer to boot! I plan on pounding that sucka and making Frank Thomas proud. Cheers for beers!
Jun 2014 Homer321 Three in a row?! Sheesh, I’m glad no one else knows about Chicago’s best trader. Frank dumped a 12 pack styro shipper full of want list beers, rare malt liquor, and unrated New Glarus bonus beer. He made sure to pack everything to withstand a bomb. Great trade!
May 2014 Homer321 I now make up 66% of Franks trade feedback! [:77] Frank sent another box of rare inner city findings for me. Risking his own safety, he secured some of the rarest of rare imported and domestic whælz. Packed like a pro and I haven’t even sent his beer yet. Sucka!
Mar 2014 Homer321 Frank hooked me up with the Chicago whale, aka Big Hurt Beer. Bro drove all around town for me to find some and then sends me 4! Hell yeah this bro rocks
Feb 2012 SrSilliGose frank put the big hurt down and sent me some canned offerings, including frank thomas big hurt 24ozer and other neat new midwest brews. these sure aren’t cheldas. beer is good gordita