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Feb 2013 miketd Jake hooked me up with many beers I have never had before. Great trade as usual. Thanks buddy!!
Jul 2011 tyler_mn Jake comes out of trading retirement to send me a box of Funkwerks!


Thanks a ton homie!
Jan 2011 StFun Another good box from Jake, the latest in our on-going trading, this time he sent me two nice looking growlers. No muss, no fuss, awesome. Thanks man!!
Dec 2010 atxdelivery Great trade, great extras and quick shipment, thanks
Sep 2010 miketd Jake sent me a box of great beer. Thanks man!!!
Jun 2010 dpjuart Jake again sheds the a-hole mold and answers my call for some RR sours for a Birthday tasting. Consecration! and Damnation plus 4 new rates including Ranger IPA, Sofie!, Full Sail BA Impy Porter! and Odell Pale. I owe you big time, man. Cheers.
May 2010 Hophead22 Received an overly generous box from Jake. Odell Woodcut 3, India Barleywine and Saboteur, a ’04 Avery The Beast, Dark Horse Plead the 5th and an ’07 Real Ale Sisyphus, holy crap and thanks again!
May 2010 mreusch Out of the blue Jake surprises me with a tasty growler of Fort Collins Dunkel, once again proving he’s without a doubt the nicest douchebag on RateBeer. Thanks Jake, you rock!
May 2010 tyler_mn Awesome! Jake sent a tasty local Saison growler and two 750s of Ska Sour. Thanks buddy! Your shitty return box will hit the road this week!
Apr 2010 footbalm I finally get to trade with Jake. I have a Boulevard Tank, an Otto’s Impy Stout and a mystery growler from Ft Collins Brewing. Like Mike said, Jake fails miserably at being an asshole. Thanks again!

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