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Mar 2017 MetalNHopHead Won a FBW contest from John (a Maine Beer Dinner nonetheless!) Not only does he send that but he also sends a half dozen other NH locals. Really generous guy and one of the best Ratebeerians! Thanks! I really appreciate it!
Jan 2017 solidfunk John sent a huge box of NH locals. Everytime i thought it was done, Id pull another can or bottle from the wrapping. Under a secret compartment is an old retired bruery tripel Id been looking for forever. Awesome trade!
Aug 2016 blutt59 John sent me a box with several of my wants and a new country as well as tasty extras. Easy to set up and quickly shipped. I hope we can do this again. Thanks, John
Mar 2016 HuskerTan Won a FBW contest from John. He sent me some really great NH locals. Great packing and some tasty beers. Cheers!
Mar 2016 bursprak John was my SS ’15. He went far and beyond when the first box was sent to Saudi Arabia. Super communicative and sent a killer replacement box. Thanks!
Mar 2016 gregwilsonstl Just realized I forgot to leave feedback for an Oct locals for locals trade! He helped me cross off my last state (CT). We did a locals for locals, and I look forward to another one.
Dec 2015 RobertDale Great box from John. He sent the true porch bomb! Everything went perfectly. Amazing beers and amazing packing. Superb trader! Anytime.
Oct 2015 Homer321 John sent to me in the big wants BIF. he included that bottle as well as a great selection of locals. All packed like a pro and excellent communication. Thanks!
Mar 2015 Bigtreebrewing Great box of beer delivered by John. Would no doubt trade with him again.
Jan 2015 GCurlow John sent an absolute ridiculous Secret Santa package! Hit many of my wants and went way above and beyond with his generosity. Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays!

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