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May 2009 armando629 Thanks for the Kaggen!
Sep 2006 kramer Rick sets me up with the biggie: Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter, plus Stormaktsporter, Max Golding Starkporter, Svea Porter, and Anders Göranssons Bästa Rököl. A bottle of Apis Jadwiga, Lodzkie Porter, 3 Nils Oscar, and a few other goodies. The first bottles of some of these to reach US soil. 2 leaky bottles and a soggy box put a small damper on the trade, but still AMAZING BEERS!
May 2004 Jeppe Rick brought me a bunch of great beers when he and larsniclas attended the Danish Beer Festival. I got: 2xJämtlands Oatmeal Porter, 1xBärnsten, 1xPostiljon, 1xHell, 1xNynäshamns Bedarö Bitter, 1xNynäshamns Indianviken Pale Ale and 1xDrie Fonteinen Oude Geuze! Thanks Rick!