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Jul 2012 GT MJ send me an expertly packed styro with and old school bourbon Angel’s Share, old school Older Viscosity, old batch of HOTD Adam, two bomber of Heater Allen Pils, and a bomber of Pelican IPA. Thanks dude! Oh and I sent him nothing in return, JK, I will eventually send him something. EDIT: Okay I gave him and RBSG a growler of super fresh Victory Braumeister.
Jun 2012 tkrjukoff Mike handled an International trade for me as a courier. Thanks a lot, hope to trade with you some day.
Jun 2012 cpferris Super easy 1:1 trade. Great communication and packaging. Thanks again!
Oct 2011 FlacoAlto Got a couple of beers from CO that I have been dying to try as part of the WWF tournament. Thanks ¾’s!
Jan 2011 kmweaver Mike sent along a huge box from Colorado: Boulevard Tank 7 and Dark Truth, Fort Collins Double Chocolate + +, Fred From the Wood 2009, Oak Aged Yeti, etc. etc. 30+ lbs. of tasty beer. Thanks, Mike!
Jan 2011 kramer Sent Mike a bunch of Bullfrog beers over a period of a few months, got nothing in return but a few empty promises and a 9 month old tracking number that was useless. Two years later I’m still waiting for a box while he doesn’t respond to beermails. Disappointing in many ways. Update 7/27/11: received beers in the end after all. Thanks for making good Mike.
Oct 2010 mikey711 just finished a great trade with mj including some major rarities and some sweet Ska brews as extras. Mj was great to deal with and I would not hesitate to trade with him again in the future
Feb 2010 SrSilliGose Sick box from mj. In addition to agreed upon beer, he threw in a boatload of awesome want list/ highly desired but not on want list/ never heard of but looks awesome beers. Lopsided trade. i owe mike beer.
Dec 2009 kmweaver Mike sent along a special little Oregon something-something and bonused a bottle of Avery’s Sui Generis (as well as bottles he’d been holding for me from Lost Abbey). Thanks!
Oct 2009 Papsoe Two boxes of sheer beery goodness from Colorado and PNW - all great stuff. Hope we’ll be able to share a few again one day Mike. Thanks for the trade.

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