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Aug 2009 PilsnerPeter Received a Cascade Sang Royale as promised, and was bonused a Marin Brewing San Quentin’s Breakout Stout. Generous trader and recommended.
Apr 2009 kramer In a quick trade I landed two bottles of Firestone Walker 12 and 4 12 oz bottles of locals as a bonus. He got my beers and bounced back my styro shipper the next day. Thanks man!
Mar 2009 Lagunitasfan Always a great trade. On his return trade for my 07 BAD, BP Coffee/Vanilla Porter, and Growler of Red Wine Barrel Old Guardian, I recieved a Firestone Walker XII, an ’08 Dark Lord, Boulevard Smokestack Imp Stout, Mikkeller Black Hole Imp Stout, and a Hibernator thrown in. Hell, I’d call everything past the Dark Lord a bonus, if you ask me. Roadside bomb proof, and he must have some ins at Fede
Feb 2009 tyler_mn Brenton totally hooked me up with a FW 12 and 4 CA bombers! Excellent packaging and communication. Thanks man!
Feb 2009 Alldaydrinker Sent the agreed upon BA Alesmith Old Knumbskull way before our Pre-Trade. Sent near instantly from the sending of my address. By far the fastest shipping I have seen. Along with 2 Fantastic Generous Bonuses of Marin Brews! I love Marin! Packed securely in a styro mailer! Looking forward to the next trade! Thanks!
Jan 2009 Lagunitasfan TheRealBastard sent back a growler I left him, and sent a full return box before I could send the opening shot. I’m about to send him something special, and he sent me a huge beer-my 1st DL, along with some Weyerbacher XIII, Immort ale, a couple of Brew dogs, and more. Now I’ve got to make sure my box is worthy. He rules. AND, since I’m sending him something special I’m waiting for a return from
Dec 2008 Lagunitasfan I hand delivered two growlers of "06 Double Bastard, and threw in an Old Numbskull because of that old Christmas Spirit. He responded with a variety of fantastic beers. Some ’98 and ’99 bottles, retired and top 50. I was stoked to meet him and do this person to person trade.
Dec 2008 CheesedMan My return box kicked ass!!! Packed perfectly, my box contained: 3 x Maui Coconut Porter, Marin San Quentin Breakout Stout, Marin point reyes Porter, Moylan Imperial Stout, 2005 BFM Bon Chien, 2001 WWS and a 2002 Oerbier Reserve!!!! Awesome box, great communication. Hopefully we can work on a trade in the New Year.
Oct 2008 Crosling Brenton pimped out some great stuff and even included 4, yes 4 extras.
Oct 2008 kkearn Nearly Perfect 10, part tres trade. Brent hooked me up with some great brews, including some great vintage stuff: Maui Coconut Porter x2, Maui Big Swell x2, Cuvee de Castleton (Wantlist), Midnight Sun Arctic Rhino (Wantlist), Victory storm King 1999, DFH WWS 2001. I look forward to trading with Brent again soon.

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