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Oct 2008 machfive55 Well, I hooked Waylon up with two Scratch 14’s from Troeg’s and I got four beers in return...I definately got the better end of the deal here. A DFH shelter pale ale, Rogue, Old Chub and a Mich Dunkel Weiss. Waylon is a cool guy and a great ratebeerian...Thanks man!
Aug 2008 machfive55 I trusted afireinside96 to put together a decent sixer to trade for a sixer of Troeg’s Scratch Beer #13. He really delivered with two Stoudt’s their Oktoberfest and Maibock, a Weyerbacher XIII anniversary ale, Souther Tier Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, an Apricot beer and a Jamaican Stout. All these beers look interesting and I haven’t tried any of them so I’m looki